The Hodge-FVH Correspondence




报告题目:The Hodge-FVH Correspondence  



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Using the Virasoro constraints we derive the loop equations for the cubic Hodge partition function with three parameters p, q, r satisfying the Calabi-Yau condition p q + q r + r p = 0. We show that the corresponding Hodge hierarchy is Miura equivalent to the fractional Volterra hierarchy (FVH). In the procedure of the proof, a particular tau-function for the FVH is constructed. When one of the three parameters p, q, r is equal to 1, we also prove a certain gap condition for the logarithm of the particular tau-function. The talk is based on joint works with Boris Dubrovin, Si-Qi Liu, Youjin Zhang and Chunhui Zhou.


报告人简介:2013年博士毕业于清华大学,2013-2018年先后在意大利国际高等研究院和德国马普数学所从事博士后研究。2018年入选国家级青年人才计划,同年9月入职中国科学技术大学、教授,2019年起任博导。在Advances in MathematicsCommunications in Mathematical PhysicsIMRN等期刊发表论文二十余篇