Wellposedness for the KdV hierarchy



报告题目: Wellposedness for the KdV hierarchy



腾讯会议:会议 ID498-226-572

报告摘要:The KdV hierarchy is a hierarchy of integrable equations generalizing the KdV equation. Using the modified Muria transform, we first relate it to the Gardner hierarchy, and by exploiting the idea of approximate flow, we show that the whole hierarchy is wellposed for initial data in H1 on the line. We also prove results in the periodic case.  This is based on joint work with H.Koch and F. Klaus.

专家简介:刘保平,2012年于加州伯克利大学获博士学位,现为北京大学数学科学学院研究员。 刘保平博士的研究领域为非线性偏微分方程和调和分析,文章发表在 Amer. J. MathIMRNAdvances in Maths, Comm. Math. Phys. J. Funct. Anal.等国际学术期刊